HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!  I love food, so I looove this holiday 😀

*Sorry if some of the pics are fuzzy, it was getting kinda dark and we only had my phone to take pictures with. 2014-11-23 19.04.20 2014-11-23 18.56.59 2014-11-23 18.57.462014-11-23 17.42.252014-11-23 18.58.21 2014-11-23 17.43.11 2014-11-23 17.22.41

^^She already knows this  early that chocolate is fabulous2014-11-23 19.02.142014-11-23 18.59.30

We decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather the other day.    It’s been rainy and overcast all week.  It was so nice and relaxing just to sit back and enjoy each other’s company.  And Kylie is always the easiest baby if ever we’re outside (she’s definitely a nature girl).  So we just grabbed some of our favorite snacks (These chocolates are the bomb!) and Daniel brought his guitar last minute and we went to our favorite park.  His singing and playing really set the mood (not gonna lie, his singing and guitar abilities are what first attracted me to him–what girl doesn’t love to be serenaded).  I say favorite park, but I actually just decided that tonight.  We in fact were trying to get to another one I’d seen while driving once.  But I got my street names mixed up and we ended up going on a 15 min detour in the wrong direction lol.  Then when we finally did get there, turned out it wasn’t really a park.  More like a posh decorative landscaping for that neighborhood (there were no benches, parking lot or anything) since we weren’t in the mood to be run out by the residents (haha I’m sure that wouldn’t have really happened) we just went to our park we normally go to, and it was perfect 🙂

I was recently given a giftcard to Nordstrom (I absolutely LOVE gift cards…some say they’re tacky, I say “forced guilt-free spending!!!” ).  And I’ve been in heaven.  I also got this diaper bag out-it’s been sitting around since my baby shower- (which is super handy for on the go errands, or picnics like we used today) and this sweater by Leith.  I’d never heard of Leith before, but if you know what Wildfox is, this sweater reminds me of one of those, incredibly SOFT and cozy.  Hope y’all are having a great week.  Thanks for reading! Xoxo


Sweater Leith // Beanie Nordstrom // Diaper Bag Ju-Ju Be also here // Lipstick MAC ‘Up The Amp’

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