HOW TO: Get Bigger Braid


*Maybe you already know this trick, but if you don’t…you will 🙂 )Who doesn’t LOVE braids?  They just give any plain and simple hair do some character.  But tight braids just don’t have the same flattering effect (I think personally) as large full braids.  I’m constantly being asked how I make my braids so big, people will usually say “oh it’s because you have such thick hair, I can never get my hair to do that”  Well I DO have thick hair, but that’s not the secret.  You absolutely CAN have the big chunky braid look even with thin hair.  There a couple ways you can do this.  Extensions obviously can help thicken your hair & add more body, but can get really expensive.  And to be honest, without doing this trick I’m about to show you, even with my thick hair, my braids aren’t that big.

So you DON’T need thick hair to achieve this look….it helps, and if you do want a little more thickness you can add some clip in extensions.  But the secret is really so simple.

2014-11-22 10.07.29

2014-11-22 10.05.05



2014-11-22 10.09.02

Seriously, just look at the difference.  This was the same braid from start to finish, no catches.  It’s so simple to achieve.  *Tip when pulling out pieces, start at the top of your braid & work your way down.  Also it helps if you take out the hair tie.   Hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial. Thanks for reading.  Xoxo


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