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Leggings Express || Sweater Nordstrom Rack || Lipstick Maybelline ‘Fuchsia Flash’

I use to be so scared to wear leather anything….mainly because I had no idea how to wear them.  But now I LOVE them.  They are a closet staple in my mind, because they just bring any outfit together, they can be dressed up, or used to add a little edge to your outfit.  Sweaters are my favorite.  Especially in fall when sweaters are an every day must 😀

This sweater by the way is theee softest thing & I OBSESSED! You know those items you find that you just can’t get enough of?  Well I’ve been limiting my purchases to ONLY those sort of things until after Christmas, because like I said before, we’re living like gypsies (the Disney version 😉 ) for awhile. But seriously, this sweater! I never want to take it off.  I wear it with jeans, leggings (obviously) and even with my sweats at the end of the day when I wanna get comfy.  In fact I’m wearing it even as I write this lol.  And it helps that it was cheap 😀  I got it at Nordstrom Rack but couldn’t find it online, sorry 😦

FYI Express is having a sale on leggings right now (mix and match).  I would try on leather leggings all the time, but never liked any of them enough to buy, until these  Express has tons of variations of leather leggings too.  So go check ’em out!

Thanks for stopping by you guys!

*Thanks Express for sponsoring this post


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