2014-11-19 18.15.09

Ahhh, today was one of those days when it was very hard to be a mom.  I had a bunch of things to get done, which usually is relaxing for me, but baby K was just NOT having it!  She’s been teething, so she’s been extra fussy, and when she gets going there is just no calming her.  Usually I just cuddle her until she falls asleep and I’m totally fine if she cries, in fact I prefer being the one to hold her when she is unhappy (otherwise I just get more anxious if anyone but me has her and she’s crying….maybe that’s a common mom thing haha).  Anyway, today my mind was just hurting, and I was so overwhelmed & flustered, that when I got home, I just started crying in my husband’s arms.  It’s funny now, but seriously I couldn’t stop.

My sweet hubby told me to just go out (alone this time) and just take some time to myself.  So I went and got some Brookside Chocolates, the GIANT bag 😀 And the Costco we live by had them for $3 off!!!  So my day did get a little better with that.  Then when I got home, she finally went down for a nap, so I curled up in my pajamas w/my chocolates and watch “Friends”  And now I feel loads better.

On the other hand, I hope all the rest of you are having a good day 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, Xoxo

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