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       COAT Nordstrom (on sale!) // PANTS Joe’s // BOOTIES Express // Lipstick MAC ‘Up The Amp’

I have a hot cocoa addiction (I love it year round), and our complex has a Starbucks coffee/hot chocolate machine (free).  It’s AWESOME!  And right now it is ridiculously cold!  I’m not use to this humid kind of cold…you know that sort of chill that penetrates to your bones no matter how many layers you have on….yeah that’s me.  I want to go out and get some hats, scarves, gloves , the whole sha-bang!  But since Christmas is coming, we’ve decided not to spend any money on ourselves until afterwards, so that we can buy presents for people.  So for the time being I’m going to live like a frugal little gypsy (the Disney interpretation of gypsy that is 🙂 )

Hope all the rest of you are staying warm wherever you are.  Lots of love, thanks for stopping by. Xoxo

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