Vintage Setting

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Hat Nordstrom || Tunic TopShop || Boots Stuart Weitzman (currently out of stock similar ) || Jeans Hudston || Lipstick MAC ‘FanFare’

Again a shoot with my sister from White Shadow Photography.  

I love pictures with bubble gum.  We were so excited to take some, so we went to the gas station looking for some bubbalicious (which I’m kinda thinking they don’t make anymore, becuase I can’t remember the last time I saw it anywhere)  Anyway, we find some Hubba Bubba, but a very small selection I might add, it was between watermelon strawberry, or Dr. Pepper……….? So we went for the one with strawberry in the title…that had to be pink gum right??? WRONG! it was mostly made of GREEN w/a teeny tiny bit of pink, and after chewing them together it made a mucky swamp greenish brown color ewww.  We tried to take some pictures but it just didn’t work haha.  So my sweet sister ran over to a near by candy store and grabbed the only pink gum she could find…still no idea what it was exactly, but it would only yield ONE decent bubble per piece, so we had to just time it right, and we managed to get a couple good ones, lol.  It was pretty fun 🙂

*Photos by White Shadow Photography

*Thanks Nordstrom for sponsoring this post


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