2014-11-04 17.15.44 2014-11-04 17.14.39

 Leggings Forever21 // Sweater Maurice’s (old) love this & this// Booties gift (like these) // lipstick MAC ‘Angel’

Yes I know I’m so creative with the names of my posts (not!)

My hubby and I took baby girl to a nearby park…literally it’s less than a 5 minute drive from our house…it’s not raining when we leave, then the second we park and get out of the car it starts to sprinkle- I mean SERIOUSLY??? We figured “meh, it’s not too bad”  But then we’re attacked (and I mean attacked) by mosquitos! And I didn’t want Kylie to get bit bitten.  But we at least were able to snap a few photos for y’all.  Hope you’re having a great day!

Do, or do not, there is no try



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