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It’s the Holiday season!  AKA season of baked goods & sweet unhealthy goodness 🙂  I heard somewhere that like 85% of New Years resolutions have to do w/health/fitness.  And that makes perfect sense after tons of indulgence.  Of COURSE the first thing that comes to mind is getting healthy again 🙂  But this year my plan is to go into the battlefield of cakes and chocolates already with fitness habits in place.  Researches say that when you have a fitness regime, you are more likely to make healthy choices but still enjoy yourself (just staying in control ;))

Nothing gets me more pumped than some new workout gear.  I’ve been wanting a punching bag for AGES!  That I probably won’t get until Christmas though.  But I’m going to get back into yoga & weight lifting (I am just obsessed with having toned/defined arms—primarily because I’ve NEVER had them.  I swear I have absolutely NO muscle lol).  So here’s my “Wish List” (Who knows if I’ll even get all these things, seeing as we’re saving & being more frugal, but it was almost just encouraging enough to make the list )


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