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Oversized Hoodie: Victoria’s Secret/Pink (old) love this one || Boots: Stuart Weitzman || Lipstick: MAC ‘Up The Amp’

Visiting home was so much fun…it went by WAAAY too fast (I had plans to visit a bunch of friends & stop by all our old favorite bakeries & restaurants) we ended up JUST spending time with our families (which I had no problem with…just to illustrate how quickly the time flew)

My sis and I were able to get a couple shoots in.  She’s amazing, and it’s been so fun to see her grow as a photographer in skill & creativity…she first started an interest in photography around 15, now she’s 17 and already making a career out of it just from word of mouth people want her to take their photos!


tThis is what I threw together for those days you just want to feel warm and comfy…but sometimes you just feel more productive if you are a little dressed up…or maybe you just want to be sure you look good in case you see someone you know while running wildly down the grocery isle or in-between classes.  At least that’s often my reasoning.  Put a hoodie & jeans together, throw your hair in a pony…it’s pretty basic right?  Quick and easy that’s for sure.  Well I feel  TON more put together just by adding a cute shoe (heels/boots/cute flats) & a playful lipstick, and voila! it literally didn’t take that much thought or work…but kinda gives the appearance 😉 😉  And there ya go!

2 thoughts on “COMFORT & STYLE for the BUSY WOMAN

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