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*Disclaimer-I am no dietitian or professional health coach by any means.  These are things that I’ve researched, learned from other professionals or read, particularly Dr. A’s ‘Habits of Health’  These are simply things that do & have worked for me.

Now everyone has a different situation, some might want to lose some weight, some may want to gain a little more and others just want to maintain a healthy weight.  So based on what your goal is that changes things.  So since I’ve only done things based on my needs…that’s all I know, so this post is based on my situation…which applies to those who want to lose a little weight/tone up in a healthy way w/a few alterations  because I am breast feeding (so that there means I have to eat a few extra calories).  But it shouldn’t be too different.

And remember!  To lose weight fast (especially after having a baby) faster than your skin can keep up, it will just create sag which will make you look/feel more flabby.  So remember “slow & steady” is best.

1) KNOW WHAT TO EAT Make sure to get your needed servings of fruits, veggies, grains and PROTEIN (very important) in sometime throughout the day.

2) EAT FREQUENTLY-Now before you get too excited lets be clear…eat more frequently DOES NOT mean to eat huuuge portions more often.  It means to eat every two to three hours ONE portion (not our definition or the restaurant’s definiton of one portion, but the real definition) SERVING CHEAT SHEET Example: For me one serving of chicken is 4 oz about the size of my fist.

3) NO STARVING-If you are not eating frequently to keep your engine (body) running, you start to burn lean muscle rather than fat, so you may be losing weight, sure, but guess what, that’s going to come right back…but as FAT 😦  So just eat regular sized portions (which to some may feel like teeny tiny portions) on a regular basis.

4) BALANCE IS KEY-I love snacking!  But read the fine print…in other words if you eat a nutrition bar-I’ll use Fiber One bars as an example because I use to LOVE reaching for those as my snack-the ratio of protein to carbs has an enormous gap.  2 grams protein to 30 carbs.  That’s a NO NO NO.  You want protein & carbs to be as equally balanced as you can.

5) WATER WATER WATER- You should be consuming half your body weight (translate to ounces) of water daily.  So if you weigh 150 lbs, You should drink 75 fl oz of water DAILY!

6) AVOID PROCESSED SUGAR-Now I do enjoy a treat now and then, but only on occasion, cane sugar, high fructose corn syrup etc almost scream “let’s make you fat”  But instead of dropping in cold turkey, a Dietician once told me just phase it out.  Work alternatives into your diet, like greek yogurt, more fruit, something sweet but healthier, eat MORE of those healthier things and eventually sugar and sweets will find itself being pushed out of the picture 🙂

*For POST BABY BELLY : part 1 (Exercise & workout tips)






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