Patience brings happiness….So I want patience and I want it NOW!

It sounds pretty comical but when you think about it, aren’t we all like that to some extent???  I always use to think I was a fairly patient person, but I’m now learning that being chill/calm (while this is also good I feel) is not necessarily patience.  Without going into too much detail aka ranting I’ll just say that lately I’ve been finding the need to practice patience which is to say “True patience is putting your wants & desires on hold…..not only enduring, but actively enduring well” ~Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Needless to say…that’s not exactly what one wants to hear 😦 Especially in today’s world, everything comes so quickly…I’ve gotten in the habit of wanting something REALLY bad, then waiting a day or two before I get it.  Patience right?  Well maybe…point is, it’s at my disposal almost immediately, and now that little hiccups that life brings have been coming up, I’m finding myself feeling anxious, IMPATIENT, and worried simply because results aren’t happening NOW.  So back to the main point….I’m learning to be patient & hopeful. This whole process has also caused me to realize that I’m often wanting things that I honestly DON’T need at all.

I don’t remember who said it, but “a man or woman is truly happy when they can say ‘I have enough'” Yeah, I should probably work on that too.  It gets kinda hard when you’re surrounded by fashion bloggers and Instagrammers who never seem to wear the same thing twice and are constantly traveling & doing exciting eventful things…but that brings me back to why I started this blog….I wanted to appeal to the Average everyday girl…and show that there is fun & value in that 🙂 And there is nothing wrong with liking fashion bloggers, Youtubers etc (I certainly LOVE them), but I think it’s important to remember that nobody’s life is perfect. So don’t get discouraged with your own situation in life simply because it appears that all these other people don’t have any troubles in the world.

So those are my thoughts & feelings for today.  I just had to vent them I think, so if you read this far, thanks for reading 😀

>>>Watch here the entire speech that the patience quote came from or read the article (He’s from Germany & a former pilot & awesome!)

Xoxo hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

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