2014-10-28 13.00.26>>>It’s been a great week so far.  This is a shot from the family photo shoot my sister did of us.  Kylie was suuuper fun during the entire shoot…we couldn’t have been luckier.  Being with family again (for the first time in a long time) has reminded me of what’s really important…okay so maybe kinda cliche, but seriously…when I was younger I took my family for granted.

FUNNY STORY!!!  We went hiking today in Zion with the fam.  And ohhhhh my goodness it was an absolute gorgeous day 🙂  Anyway, Kylie is doing great, enjoying the scenery, isn’t getting hungry or fussy (We did the Emerald Pools if any of you have ever been to Zion) So we get top (second to last pool).  And out of nowhere….exploding vibrations eminate from my little baby’s bum 🙂  Yup poop….she always gets fussy within 5 minutes of pooping.  So I thought, “meh, I’ve changed her on my lap before, I can do it real quick before she starts to feel too cold”  But oh, not so simple.  I get her all situated to change her, and the poop had shot ALL the way up her back & through all her layers of clothing lol.  Thank goodness I brought extra clothes…So I’m just sitting there on a rock in the wilderness with a squirming poopy baby 😀 but she was still as happy as could be, girl LOVES getting her diaper changed.

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