>>>And we’re OFF!  Finally get to see my ridiculously amazing fam 😀  But getting through the airport can be a nightmare, and even more stressful w/an infant.  But I will say baby+airport does have its benefits…the security seems to always pity us…and they try to get us through as quick as possible, AND you get to board first when you have small children 🙂 he he he.  These are some other things that I’ve found make the whole process even a little bit easier.

I realize not everyone has children…but hopefully w/Christmas around the corner these will give you some gift ideas…or for any baby showers you may attend in the future.


1>>>Solly WrapThere are a lot of baby carriers out there.  But I like these because they’re so lightweight & a little stretchy (that way I don’t feel like I’m squishing my baby) They make it so easy to maneuver through an airport & use BOTH my hands

2>>>Wubbanub PacifierYou know about the SOCK ghost right (somehow socks always go missing) well I swear it’s the same for pacifiers.  We started out with more than 5 and w/in 2 weeks all have vanished!  All except for this wubbanub, the giant giraffe attached to it helps 🙂  A pacifier is good for a baby during take offs & landings (helps with the pressure in their ears)

3>>>Nature Valley Protein BarsSince I’m nursing I have to eat every 2-3 hours otherwise I get nauseous, tired & cranky.  And you never know just how long you’re going to be stuck in an airport.  So snacks are always good.  I like these bars because they don’t have much sugar & they have almost the exact amount of protein to carbs.

4>>>Ju Ju Be Diaper bagI’ve found that a backpack style diaper bag is most ideal for travel

5>>>Receiving BlanketsThere are some receiving blankets out there that are $40 plus, but I don’t see the need (for me personally) to splurge on them.  They’re nice to have on hand because they’re lightweight, don’t take up much room & work as a blanket or burp cloth.

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