Here it is as promised.  Like every normal every day woman, I don’t only wear high end lipsticks 🙂 Most of mine are actually drug store.  Sometimes drugstore brands have the best colors…and TONS of variety.  Especially L’oreal colouriche, they don’t smell the best, but I love the pigmentation of their shades.

In just a few more days I’ll get to see my family! Including my little sis who’s a very talented photographer.  We’ll be doing some fun shoots for you guys, and she’ll be taking our family photos too.  I also can’t wait to eat me some cupcakes & sugar cookies from some of the best bakeries ever!



1) L’oreal ‘Ballerina Shoes’–  Such a pretty, light frosted pink.  Wearing in this tutorial

2) Revlon ‘Apricot Fantasy’ This one has a really great finish to it, w/almost goldlike undertones.  Wearing in tutorial here

3) L’oreal ‘Fairest Nude’– This was the first lipstick I ever bought.  It’s the perfect basic nude that looks good on anyone…I think.  Wearing in this post

4) NYX ‘Natural’Also a great “go to” shade.  This one I swear gets darker (in a good way) as you wear it.  Wearing in this post

5)  Flower Beauty ‘So Gladiola’– This is the line by Drew Barrymore, it’s probably my fav drugstore brand.  And this is the ONLY matte & ONLY coral shade that I’ve ever liked.  Wearing here 

6)  NYX ‘Dolly Girl’ Such a fun bright pink.  These are a lipstick & lip-stain combined

 Have a fabulous weekend y’all!!!



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