As some of you already know…I use to live in Portugal, and OHHH how badly I’ve wanted to go back.  But the prices of airfare to go overseas just hurts….literally!  I served a mission for my church there…so it was by no means a vacation, it was lots of hard work (although rewarding in ways I can’t even describe) and we lived like natives…so no fancy hotels or site seeing…In fact one of the houses I lived in had only the door separating the cobblestone outside from our flooring inside the house 🙂 Lol, gooood times! Oh & we had rats living in the ceiling that I could hear scurrying around while trying to fall asleep.  But now, I’d like to go back as a tourist.  There are MANY places to see on my bucket list, but this is first on my list because 1) I want to see some of the people I taught & helped, and 2) I already speak the language…that’s always comforting.  I was just going through some of my photos from my time there & that’s what brought on all this reminising & “home sickness” in a way…I know that sounds weird, but Portugal really does feel like my second home.  So I thought maybe you’d enjoy seeing them too.

Portugal they say is the “Hidden Gem” of Europe.  It’s soooo beautiful & unique, the people are SUUUPER friendly and the food is absolutely divine!  Enjoy!

IMG_0589 IMG_0591 IMG_0571_2 IMG_0556_2 IMG_0518_2 IMG_0512 IMG_1223 IMG_0164 IMG_0986 IMG_0941

>>>Sometimes seeing this bridge made me feel like I was back in the StatesIMG_0815

>>>This was Castelo de Sao Jorge (St. George…which was the name of the city my family lived in back in the USA )IMG_0845 IMG_0856 2010-10-18 00.29.21

>>>Found this cute little guyIMG_0701 2010-05-25 22.49.17 IMG_0790

DSC02036 IMG_0823

>>>Someday I’ll go back!

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