So todays “Monday Munchies” post isn’t exactly a recipe…..It’s inspired by all of YOU! And my friends & family.  There are 2 parts.  First I’ll share my exercises, next my diet/snacks.

So a lot of people have been asking me what I do for exercise & diet since having baby K.  I’m hoping that this will apply to everyone & especially every day moms who’s schedules & purses don’t exactly allow hours upon hours at the gym with an elite personal trainer.  I don’t exactly have a routine (although I would like to) but my mama duties only allow me a trip to the gym once a week-if I’m lucky-:)   But trust me when I say “there are other ways”These exercises you can do while watching a show, off & on any five minute breaks you get…you name it.  So here we GO!




>>>I go to this site for more dumbell work out ideas…I always like to mix it up.  And i NEVER EVER miss doing some form of yoga…even if it’s just stretching.  It is vital…and believe it or not yoga actually helps tone & keep your muscles looking lean 🙂

Hope this gave you some ideas & inspiration 🙂


“What fits your schedule better.  Exercising 1 hour a day, or being overweight 24 hours a day?”

~Author Unknown




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