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Cardi: Banana Republic (sold out) love this one || Tank: Gap || Skirt: Gap also love this || Heels: Steve Madden (old) similar & herehere || Lipstick MAC ‘Angel’

>>>I love my little blue eyed ginger munchkin.  She was still pretty sleepy from her nap during these shots which is why she’s not smiling lol.  She’s in such a fun phase right now.  She loves to hear the sound of her own voice & cracks a smile every time she hears herself. She loves books & movies—watches them attentively (seriously I didn’t think a 3 month old could do that), and when dad plays the guitar she’ll just stare at him and smile, then soon as he stops she starts cooing.  We get to go visit our fam in Utah pretty soon, and I just CAN’T wait for them to see her.  And I’m super excited to do some photo shoots with my sis.  So I’ll have some fun ones coming soon.  Definitely go check out her Facebook page.

I just wore this outfit to go on a grocery run.  I normally wear sweats, but sometimes I feel more productive when I get ready a little bit 🙂  I also normally enjoy flats while running errands becuase they’re so much easier to walk in (no brainer right), however I AM a woman & still love feeling dressed up.  So if I’m going somewhere where I’ll have a shopping cart to hold on to that will help me walk, I take advantage of the situation to wear heels 🙂

Happy Friday everyone!!!



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