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>>>Not gonna lie, I’m a SUCKER forΒ pastries πŸ˜€

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Dress:Β Nordstrom//Boots:Β White Elephant Gift//Lipstick:Β Mac ‘Angel’

>>> This morning just felt like a coffee house type of morning w/the most perfect weather. Β I don’t drink coffee, but if you go online you can look up TONS of Starbucks non-caffeinated items that aren’t on the menu. Β I like this website (it will tell you if the drink is caffeinated or not) Β I love the sweetenedΒ Passion Fruit TeaΒ 

It was nice to go on a mini outing w/my brother & sis. Β I LOVE those two. Β (I’m so happy that they’re living out here too. Β It makes me feel like I’m not really thousands of miles from my family πŸ™‚ ) I just rolled out of bed & didn’t have to do my hair…because these curls keep for a couple days. Β If you didn’t know already, I don’t wash my hair EVERY day (shower ever day though!).

About this dress…it really does kinda change color in the different lighting just like it did in these photos lol. Β It’s kinda a teal/blue green. Β It’s super comfortable and I love that it’s not super short, but can still be worn with tall boots.

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