For those of you who have never tried elk, you are missing out.  I lived in the mountains of Utah for a few years.  They are waaay into hunting there.  And I mean way into it.  They actually cancel school for a week during hunting season. Elk is surprisingly  one of the leanest meats.  And it’s sooo savory.  So when I saw it at Sprouts Farmers Market I just had to get some:D

I came up with these lettuce wraps.  They’re a clean meal, that fills you just enough.  And it’s completely healthy.  Four of them gives you 3 servings of veggies, and 1 serving of protein.  Since the hubby has been doing the Take Shape For Life plan, I’ve been forced to come up with different “lean and green” recipes for him.  It’s been pretty fun, and it’s helping me eat healthier as well, which is always a good thing post baby 😉


You Need>>>5 oz of elk (one serving you can do more if you like)

4 Romain lettuce leaves

1/2 cup bell peppers (I use the mini ones you get in a bag from Costco)

1 Tbl Olive oil

Sweet Baby Rays bbq sauce *just the tiniest dollop on each wrap makes all the difference in the world!

How to>>> make meet into 4 long patties (elk is ground) & heat on medium in pan seasoned w/some garlic salt

Slice bell peppers and heat in separate pan on medium w/olive oil-cook until parts of peppers are a little charred

Wash four lettuce leaves, and put pepper and elk on top, w/squeeze of bbq sauce on each.  *I even like to add avocado at the end too.


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